Next show!

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Come watch bands, have drinks, and live forever – no IDDQD required!


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We played a benefit show on Saturday to help our brothers in arms (and drummer enslavement) Marathon after their semi-disastrous tour down south, in which they crashed their rental van. Thankfully everyone was alright, but as you can imagine the bill they were handed as a result was pretty hefty. Over $450 was raised at this show, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks to everyone else that played and everyone who attended, and extra special thanks to anyone who baked and brought food to sell.

At the moment we’re continuing to write for an album, and it should only take another song or two before we start pre-production with the intent to distribute said recordings when we tour – the plans for such being in their infancy stages now. That said, we have a few wonderful friends who have said they’d help us come to their towns and chances are we’re gonna take everyone up on their offers. We’ve never toured before, so we need all the help we can get!

Our next show should be in mid-July, we’re still gathering up bands before we make a flyer or announce anything.

And yes we’re still without a vocalist, but as a trade-off Peege got a new hat and he looks very handsome in it.


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Nothing has been mentioned about this yet, so I thought I’d do so.

Currently we don’t have a vocalist. We played our “return” show as a three-piece and without vocals, and truth be told it worked out pretty well, but at this stage we’re still looking for a fourth person to sing and round out the lineup. We’re not in a hurry, which gives us the opportunity to (hopefully) find the person right for the job, and we’ll continue to play shows as an instrumental band for a while yet if we need to but the point stands – at some stage, we’d like to have someone on the mic.

Anyone who can see themselves doing vocals for us should get in contact. Similarly, if you know someone who is potentially interested, you should let them know we’re looking.


That was fun. Let’s do it again.

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That show at Fat Louie’s was a good time – so good in fact that we’re gonna be playing another show soon. That’s how this band thing usually works, right?


This is happening.

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This is our first show since mid-2010, and needless to say we’re very excited about that. We have been jamming quite a bit in preparation, and as mentioned in my previous post we will be playing a new song. Come along.

Putting pedals to the metal.

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That sums up nicely what we’re currently doing as a band.

Peege has caught the pedal bug (I take full responsibility) and is working on dialing in the heaviest bass tone possible. I am waiting on a looper pedal (carn, Australia Post) because one non-overdubbed guitar just isn’t enough for what we’re working on at the moment.

As far as new material goes, we are currently working on our first song since coming back together. We’ve never been a band that does things quickly, but that said it was originally two songs; now we’re bridging them together and both halves feature sounds that we’ve never really produced before. The heavy parts are heavier, the quiet parts are quieter, and the tempos vary much more than they did previously. To be clear, though, none of this is coming out of thin air. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve hinted at all of it in the past.

As for our older songs, we are keeping all of the ones we were playing when we came to a halt in 2010. Leo is working on new lyrics and Stu is staying true to the original feel of the songs with what he’s playing but isn’t simply copying Francis’ parts. It’ll sound a little different, and I’m not going to say it sounds better because that would be a little disrespectful, but it is sounding good.

Currently we’re finishing off rehearsing the old material, which if we were to focus on exclusively we could easily play a show in a month’s time. That’s too easy, though. When we start playing live again we will have new material to put forth, which we’ll continue to work on.

We’ll see you all soon.

So where were we?

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We’re giving this a second try.

We have a new drummer. His name is Stu and you may have seen him drumming with his other band Only Sleeping. He’s a good guy.

We also have a new vocalist. His name is Leo, and you may remember him from an old band with me (Rob) called A German Spectacle. Or not. Not many people came out to see that band, and we played our best show in a kitchen.

Anyway we’ve jammed a few times, we’re getting back into the old songs (I wrote the shit and I’m having to look over at Aaron sometimes to remember how it all went), and we’re aiming to have some new stuff ready when we step out and start playing again. Watch this space and our Facebook page for further updates.

Also, it’s decidedly un-metal to write this, but thanks for every kind word that has ever been said to one of us about this band. I’m genuinely grateful, and I’m sure Aaron is as well. I actually ran into someone about a week ago who remembered me from a Vassals show and when I told him we were jamming again he was really psyched. Well, me too dude. Me too.